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Welcome to the MHx230 Owner's Manual

Thank you for purchasing the MHx230 Computing Platform.

The MHx230 Logo

Your MHx230 laptop hardware is a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad X230 model. The BIOS has been replaced with coreboot and the Intel ME has also been crippled. The wireless card that runs in your laptop is now Atheros based and hence, requires no binary firmware blob. The default OS loaded on your laptop is PureOS. But you are encouraged to re-install the OS yourself and choose disk encryption for greater security. PureOS and Debian are good operating systems to use.

Skulls - the Coreboot distribution for X230

Skulls is a project to make it easier to use Coreboot with the X230 laptop. In other words, Skulls is a coreboot distribution tailored for the Thinkpad X230 laptop. The project provides pre-built coreboot images that can be flashed onto the BIOS chips directly. Coreboot on your MHx230 laptop has been flashed using builds provided by the Skulls project.

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